Welcome to learning how to be a Good Cow!

~Read Mooing Tips Down Below~

Sit happily on the pasture like all Mooing Cows should. Sniff the flowers and the grass and don't forget to chew the cud! Just don't do it so much when Zero is around, or else's he'll leave in a huff and go pick flowers with our girraffe enemies. There are many secrets to being a good cow but the main one is to moo loud and soft moos that echo over mountains to Zero's ears, and letting him squish your nose. Nose Squishing is actually a very fun activity to do, but unfortunately the only people around whom really appreciate squishing cow noses are Zero and Dragon. Thus when they are away dustballing together, we, the cows, will have to take this task into our own hooves. This means to press your nose against another cow's wet flat nose and Squish. It will look a little strange at first but you will definatly get the cow nose squishing done. Always give dragon chocolates and prepare hamburger shrines for the hamburger king, complete with an edible hamburger in it. You will be happy cows on the pasture! Some good tips on how to Moo to please Zero's alien cow ears are to prance around the pasture on your meatsticks. Then sing out a long, beautiful moooooo over the pasture that echos in every blade of grass and every rock on every hill. However far away Zero is, he will hear your moo and come to squish your nose always. You can also try silly mooing, dustbally mooing, and agghle mooing. These are unique Moos that only a true cow can create. They are sure to resonate in the noodles of those whom care about you. And as always, have fun dancing on the pasture!