Mooing Someplace Else

Welcome to Mooing Someplace Else!

As the name suggests, this is a place that offers many different options for cows and cow-aspiring creatures who wish to moo.

We welcome all different types of cows and all, and every type of moo is welcome here! Happy moos, Sad moos, Angry moos,

Silly moos, anything that suits you! What's more is that we have different areas and landscapes for you to moo in as well.

Mountains, Beaches, Pasturelands of course, and even Volcanos! Are you a brave enough cow for the Volcano Moo?

How about the outer space Moo? Or the Saturn Moo?

We also have a guide on how to be insane like the famous 5th dimensional Cow Zero, and we explain a lot about him and how to

tame him. A big secret is one word - Hamburgers! At our site here, you will have the oppurtunity to learn everything you need to

know about Hamburgers and why Zero loves them so much. You will also learn the dangerous secret that drives him

away - Glitterbarf. Of course, if he happens to be tormenting you with his endless silliness and tickles you can use it against him...