Welcome to learning how to be a Bad Cow!

~Very Bad Cow tips down below~

Bad Cows moo angry baby moos all the time. They stomp their hooves in the grass and bite those who try to squish their noses. They also will nibble your skins off and steal your hamburgers and chocolates at any chance they get. Naughty cows are the types of creatures that would appreciate Mooing Spots such as the Volcano Moo or the Stormy Lake Moo. But there is some benifits to being a bad cow, it can bring the evil freedom some cows on the green pastureland never get to experience... (along with the punishments) The best thing you can do as a bad cow is to betray the Girraffe Ban and spend time with a girrafe. Girraffes are a cow's most dangerous enemy as Zero likes girraffes as well, and we, the cows, must always try to be better then the wicked Girraffes. But not so for the bad cow! The bad cow could care less about the rest of the herd. The Bad Cow will stomp your chocolate bars into the ground and eat the hamburgers off hamburger shrine before Zero can get to them. This is sure to make Zero a little angry baby, and when you see his huffing and puffing and sad mooing you should take notes. Learn to huff and puff yourself. Learn to make a crocodile sad moo - like crocodile tears, except in a moo form. Then headbutt anyone who attempts to squish your nose and pound your hooves into the grass harder. Accompany all this with an angry MOOOOO and you will be the best bad cow the pasture's ever seen. Thanks for reading, and as always, good luck on the cow pasture!