All about G*rrafes and how to deal with them

Giraffes are cunning, clever creatures. They learned it from Zero. Despite their large size, they're very sneaky and always tattling on us Cows. We don't like to have them around as they are our rivals when it comes from getting extra attention. Zero enjoys their company almost as much as he enjoys ours, and we can't let that happen. We must bite these giraffes and set them up to look like bad creatures so that Zero will give us more pets.

It is rather difficult to set up an evil, wicked girraffe as a Cow, however. Our hoof prints are very simular, and to accuse the evil, wicked girraffe of being the animal who stole the hamburger because his hoof prints are very clearly there, will come into question fast. It could have easily been either a cow or a giraffe - so we get nowhere.

So how must we defoot the infamous giraffe? As a cow, learn to climb high in trees. Nobody hears of cows climbing up trees, so naturally if one sneaks up and places a hamburger on the top most leaf, the giraffes will be the key suspects as their long necks enable them to do this deed. It won't be easy as a cow to climb a tree in your hoofs, and you may get your horns tangled in a branch somehow. But as long as you have the support of the cow herd, you shouldn't have a problem with this. Eventually Zero will come by and see the hamburger up in the tree. He will look to the cows and see how they are sad mooing and sitting on the pasture with no will to dance or sing. He will quickly conclude that it must have been the giraffes who stole his hamburger from the shrine, and he will go after them.

Made by Silly Zero