~Frequently Asked Cow Questions~

Q: How many cows actually jumped over the moon?

A: Ask this question backwards and you get the answer. How many moons jumped over the cow?

Q: Well that was a *wonderful* answer. What do cows call their colleagues?

A: Cow-workers

Q: Haha dumb joke. What is this place all about, anyway?

A: You don't understand English? It tells you all over the place!

Q: It's just very odd. Who talks about becoming a "COW"? And has pages on how to Moo properly?

A: Well, why not?

Q: HEY! Wasn't I suppose to be asking the questions?

A: I didn't ask a question....I answered your question about becoming a Cow. By the way you phrased it, I can conclude you are prejudiced against Cows.

Q: I never said that!

A: I thought you were suppose to be asking questions, not asserting a statement?

Q: And I thought YOU were suppose to be ANSWERING questions, not ASKing them. Since when does a FAQ Talk back to you, anyway?

A: GASP! I have been caught! Well..Because I'm tired of having to answer people's dumb questions all over the internet. The questions are so bad my IQ Lowers answering them. I'm tired of that. But I guess it doesn't matter if my IQ Is already in the negative 1000's. Ask your dumb questions already so I can get this over with.

Q: Grrrumph. Fine. Who is this Zero that you keep talking about?

A: Zero is a silly bovine who inspired a chocolate-eating dragon to also do silly things.

Q: Dragon? who is this dragon?

A: Dragon is a silly reptile who inspired a Mooing Zero to also do silly things...


A: Wat? I anwered your question!

Q: Cow-rection: You haven't answered anything but made me, confused!

A: Well you haven't asked valid Questions. All questions must start, consist, and end with "Moo"

Q: That's unfair! I don't understand Moos. How do you expect me to learn anything here? And you never said that I had to ask them in Moo before?! And you said cow-aspiring creatures were welcomed here! That implies I haven't learned to Moo yet because I'm not a cow. You're just making stuff up now!

A: Error: Invalid Question.

Q: That's IT! I'm leaving. Bye, corrupted FAQ!!

A: Blasphemy! I believe that would be "Cow-rupted"

Q: .......@*%@(#*%)#