Cows are Cool

Simple things are for Cows hopping in the pasture. They hop and prance and pounce and boing their happy days away until the sun sets over the grass.


The World Is Right When Cows Are Happy

I am ½ cow

"The Cow Jumped over the Moon."

"The Cow Jumped over the Moon."

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Are Cows Happy?

Cow Morale

Cows Happiness Angry Baby Sad mooing REASONS
William Cow 6 1.5 2.5 He had a mostly good day, but his aunt Catherine wouldn't let him have a banana for breakfast
Benjamin Cow 10 0 0 This lucky cow just met Zero and Mooed with him all day
Berry Blue Cow 1 4 5 He lost his doughnut :(
Jake Cow 8 0 2 Jake overall had a good day, but recently stubbed his hoof on a stone

Bull Morale

These Cows are very Silly Creatures indeed.
Bulls Happiness Sadness Angry Baby
6 3 1
0 10 0
0 2 8
7 2 1